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Berforts have invested in the very latest digital printing and binding machinery. This ensures our clients get the very best quality products available in the market today.

Digital Printing

  • Digital Printing – We provide a range of services from black (mono) to colour digital printing. It is ideal when it comes to short run targeted marketing materials. These can be combined with our litho presses to achieve the most economic combination on any project.
  • Print on demand – This process saves the need to hold large quantities of stock publications. We do this by employing the specialist services of our digital printing resource to receive orders electronically.
  • We receive an order, and then retrieve the updated version of the publication from our electronic library. Then printed and despatched direct to the customer nationwide or internationally. Sent in a pre-agreed time window. Digital printing is ideal for the process because it will not require any pre-press work. Quantities economically printed from 10 to multiple copies. These can also be personalised.
  • Version Control – highly sophisticated software enables publications held on our system in a ready to print format (PDF). Only accessed by authorised users and updated. Whether a single word or complete document. Updated PDF document(s) saved into our electronic library. Ensuring the customer’s publications are always up to date. Eliminating the need for destroying redundant stock.
  • Obviously the above is a very simplistic overview of this process. Would you like to explore how this innovative approach to print and publishing can transform cost and supply time frames, our team are here to help.

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